Corporate legal education and publicity

Source: Release time: 2024-03-30

Dear employees, 

hello everyone!

In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, online rumors are also increasing, which has brought great damage to the reputation of enterprises and individuals. In order to prevent online rumors and protect the image and interests of the company, the following initiative is hereby issued to all employees:

1、 Not spreading rumors, not believing in rumors, not spreading rumors. Please maintain a clear mind, rational thinking, do not believe unverified information, do not spread unverified information, and have a negative impact on the reputation of enterprises and individuals.

2、 Consciously resist online rumors. Please carefully distinguish the authenticity of online information, do not forward or spread rumors, and promptly report any rumors to relevant departments to jointly maintain a healthy online environment.

3、 Strengthen information management. Each department of the enterprise should strengthen the management and review of internal information, establish a shutdown system before information release, and avoid the spread of rumors due to improper management.

4、 Enhance media literacy. Please constantly improve your media literacy, enhance your ability to distinguish information, use the Internet correctly, and avoid being misled by rumors.

5、 Strengthen publicity and education. Enterprises will strengthen publicity and education through various forms, enhance employees' vigilance and resistance to online rumors, and enhance their awareness of maintaining the reputation and interests of the enterprise.

Finally, let's work together to prevent online rumors, maintain the image and interests of the enterprise, and create a better future!