Matters needing attention in using wound paste.
Release date:2018/10/10 9:53:34

Do not use wound paste directly under the following circumstances:

1. small and deep wounds can not be pasted.

Because of the poor water absorption and air permeability of the bandage, it is not conducive to the discharge of secretions and pus from the wound. It is easy for bacteria to grow and reproduce, causing or aggravating infection. In particular, it is relatively easy to infect anaerobes such as tetanus.

2. animal bite wounds cannot be pasted.

For dog bites, cat scratches, snake bites, venomous insect stings or bites and other curly animal wounds, do not use bandage, so as to avoid venom and bacteria in the wound accumulation or spread. Should be in the fast time, with clear water, cold tea, mineral water, saline, 2% soap water, and even urine, repeatedly rinse the wound more than 15 minutes.

3. all kinds of skin furuncle can not be pasted.

Because the water absorption and air permeability of Band-Aid are very poor, not conducive to the absorption and drainage of pus, but conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

4. no heavy pollution can be pasted.

Some wounds are heavily contaminated, even infected, or burned, scalded wounds and large skin abrasions, can not use bandage to cover the wound, otherwise it will cause or aggravate infection.

5. slight skin abrasions do not need to be pasted.

Generally speaking, if only a slight skin abrasion, you do not need to use bandage, as long as the iodine or alcohol smear, you can prevent infection.

6. severe trauma and wound contamination;

7., iron nails, knife tips and so on.

8. when the wound is not clean or there are foreign bodies in the wound.

9. burn and yellow water after scalding.

10. wounds that have been contaminated or infected, wounds with pus or pus can not be used with band aids.

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