Band aids use matters needing attention!
Release date:2018/10/10 9:37:22

Band aid is now a household product, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. The main function of Band-Aid is to absorb exudates and keep the wound dry. After trauma, patients should pay attention to the following aspects when using Band-Aid.

First, the length of the wound should not exceed the width of the band aid. Band-aid is mainly used for hemostasis of acute small wounds, especially for incision wounds with neat, clean, superficial, small and needless suture. For deep wounds, wounds with large blood vessels, nerves, tendons and suspected foreign bodies, bandage can not be used; for boils, scalds, pyogenic infections and various skin diseases, bandage should not be used.

Secondly, the wound must be sterilized first. Before using the band aid, we should check carefully whether there is any dirt in the wound. If there is any dirty substance, the wound should be cleaned, dried, coated with iodine glycerin, and then pasted with bandage. If the wound is cut by a rusty object, tetanus antitoxin should be injected first, when the bandage can be patched should be slightly pressurized to play a compressive hemostatic role.

Third, pay attention to wound protection. After the wound can be pasted, patients should pay attention to protect the wound, avoid active bleeding, that is, less local trauma activity, do not touch water, to avoid pollution; do not often pinch the wound with the hand, strictly prevent the impact of the wound, to avoid wound cracking.

Pay attention to observe the wound changes, "after the use of bandage, but also pay attention to observe the changes in the wound, regular replacement, to prevent infection and fester wound." If the wound can be pasted 24 hours later, the pain of the wound aggravated, or secretions exudation, should promptly open the examination; if the wound has inflammation, exudation and other infections, should stop using bandage, and timely to the hospital treatment.

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