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+ fabric material adhesive...
blue elastic fabric band...
heavyweight fabric banda...
elastic fabric woundplas...
red cotton adhesive stri...
fabric first aid bandage...
non woven adhesive plast...
+ Waterproof wound plaster...
PE first aid bandages
PVC first aid plaster
PU band-aid
Foam wound plaster
other special waterproof...
+ Blue detectable bandages...
blue elastic detectable ...
blue foam detectable ban...
blue PE detectable adhes...
+ Hydrocolloid Plaster/Bli...
  > Adhesive Surgical Tape
+ zinc oxide plaster
metal tin packing
plastic tin packing
simple packing
+ Silk tape
plastic tin packing
simple packing
+ PE tape
cutter machine packing
plastic tin packing
simple packing
+ non woven surgical tape
cutter machine packing
plastic tin packing
simple packing
+ paper tape
cutter machine packing
simple packing
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+ waterproof PU wound dres...
+ non woven wound dressing...
+ other special shape woun...
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Wound Plaster
1) good adhesive ability, waterproof,soft,comfortable,air-permeable.
2) sterilized by ethylene oxide process.
3)dimensions:3/4"x3",1"x3",2"x3",2-4/5"x3/4",2 4/5"x1 1/5",2 1/4"x2/4",
70x18mm,60x18mm,60x20mm,56x19mm,40x10mm,dia25mm/22mm,round shape,rectangular shape with any size)dia,knuckle,finger tip plasters,toe shield bandage.other size available on request.
4)customised patterns are also welcome.
Adhesive Surgical Tape
1)     Base Material:100% cotton,PE,paper,non-woven,silk.customised material also welcome.
2)     Surface:medical hot-melt adhesive or zinc oxide glue
3)     Reliable adhesiveness & low irritation to skin,no residual glue.
4)     Good air-permeability, make skin breath naturally and excrete water,air and sweat and also lower risk of infection.
5)     Easy application,gent
Wound Dressing
1) Air Permeability:the network structure of spun laced nonwoven cloth or PU can make skin breathe freely,get rid of steam and sweat,thus reducing the occurrence of wound infection effectively.
2) Low sensitization:the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive to bind on skin has moderate viscosity:has no irratation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing.
3) No binding to wound:the absorptive pad with network cover will not stick, and can adsorb effectively without any sticking to wound;thus causing no pain when removing t
Cooling gel patch
1. Doctor recommended to provide cooling relief from the discomfort associated with migraine, headache, fever,               muscle aches, sprains, over-exertion, hot-flashes or whenever you need relief.
2. Provides immediate cooling relief in a convenient disposable product. Needs no refrigeration and is portable. Ready to use anywhere and anytime at home, at work or while traveling.
3. Gently adheres to your skin.
4. Offer
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